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PINKY SWEAR:// To pinky swear, or make a promise, is the entwining of the little fingers (“pinkies”) of two people to signify that a promise has been made.

Pinky Swear, hands, jewellery collection, jewelry collection, fashion shoot, friends, rose gold, lovePINKY SWEAR has long been in the making and is the culmination of feminine lines, intricate design and attention to every minute detail. With inspiration from new beginnings and fresh starts, to age-old traditions and promises (or perhaps to just keeping a good thing going), PINKY SWEAR is a gift to oneself or to a friend or partner, as a symbol of a new stage of growth in life.

So what is a pinky promise? A concept said to have originated from Japan, the pinky swear is built on the idea that soulmates are connected by a red string of fate attached to each of their pinkies. A connection not easily broken. A pinky swear band is both symbolic of a promise made between two people, and of the invisible bonds that hold them together even when apart.

Pinky Swear, rose gold, diamonds, jewellery collection, model, fashion shoot, lookbook, necklaces, rose gold necklaces

STARS AND MOONS – I promise to love you to the moon and back. Reach for the moon and even if we don’t make it, we will land amongst the stars. Lost in the cosmos, a lonely world where you always have each other and your promise. Impossibilities don’t count, or matter. Our PINKY SWEAR stars and moons come in a pair of mismatched studs, a necklace and bracelet. The stars and moon pendants hang from a delicate rose gold chain.


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Starry Night Necklace, Moon, Stars, Moon pendant, star pendant, rose gold, pinky swear


BULLETS – I would take a bullet for you. A promise from the heart with true meaning and intention – the intention behind the symbol of a bullet. Wear a bullet close to your heart to remind one of the intentions of their pinky swear. The PINKY SWEAR bullets come in the form of pendants which hang from our rose gold ear sleepers and also in droplets along a chain necklace.

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HAMSA – The promise of protection as you embark upon fulfilling your promise. The Hamsa hand is a strong and powerful symbol which is cherished in more than one religion, and can also be seen as a reminder of ones true self. The eye of consciousness one can never truly hide from – to be true to the promise you make to yourself. The PINKY SWEAR Hamsa comes in the form of a pendant which hangs from a rose gold sleeper, a chained bracelet and necklace.


Hamsa Hand, Diamond Hamsa, Hamsa pendant, hamsa necklace, rose gold


MOUNTAIN/TRI RINGS – To reach your highest peak; to conquer all your wildest dreams. Sometimes a pinky swear can be all to yourself. The most intimate form of promise. We all have aspirations and a piece of PINKY SWEAR is a daily reminder of this. The mountain and tri ring comes in a styled rose gold band set with diamonds.

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Every piece of PINKY SWEAR has been designed with ethereal femininity in mind and we have chosen diamonds and rose gold to bring out the delicate beauty of the unique bands, necklaces, pendants and earrings. The collection has been created to stack or layer, which means you can wear them with your other jewels. After every promise, add to your PINKY SWEAR pieces in the future; to perhaps build on a pinky swear already made.


Look Book by photographer: Lar Glutz –
Models: Ashleigh-Jane Denton & Michelle Allen / H&M: Celeste Munge


Pinky Swear, rings, rose gold rings, stacking rings, diamond rings

With the unveiling of PINKY WEAR, we want to hear the promises you have made to yourself. We are giving away a pair of rose gold stars and moon studs (to the value of R1300) to one lucky B.B follower with powerful dreams and pinky swears. To enter, follow us on our social media platforms Facebook and Instagram and comment on our blog with your pinky swears (XXX). Here are a few of our promises to ourselves so far this year…


#PINKYSWEAR                     What’s your Promise?


To treat myself like a Princess

To not give as much of a fuck as I useually do… It’s too tiring!!!!

To always listen to the moon…

I promise to be kind to myself

Buy Lyns a house

Say Yes

To be better <3 To love myself more

To live every moment as my last and embrace whatever life throws my way!

Embrace all happy vibes

To be true to myself!

To look after the love in my life. What else is there really to do in life?!

I promise to stop road raging!

Have my business up and running by June 2018.

To always be true and honest

To stay Calm

To treat myself like a princess

To live in the now AND always make Scarlie celebrate her birthday!

To always stand up and fly, after I have fallen down.

Stay positive always

To never stop believing in myself

Do something I fear as often as I can

To not turn down new adventures

I promise to be kinder to myself. To allow myself to grow. To love me. J

To be fulfilled and happy in 2018 <3

Keep smiling

To always be honest to myself and others

Never break my promises

To make every day a happy day and never stop believing in the good

Not to be a dick

To pamper myself more

To love and be loved

To be real J

To live a fulfilled lifestyle of new adventures and learn new skills

My 2018 promise: To fill my life with happiness

To seek happiness in all experiences

To always wear Black Betty Jewellery

Always do my best

To live my authentic life

To step into my destiny and power

To work hard and be successful

To be perfectly mismatched

I promise to grow as many trees in my lifetime as possible!

To make time to practice #selfcare

Be more peaceful

To go mountain climbing more often!

To lead an awesome life.

I promise to never get off the fun bus

I promise to not annihilate the Earth

I promise to be happy in 2018 and 2019

Never lie to myself

Stop smoking

I promise to love myself and look after myself through and through

I promise to be everything I aspire to be and more

Create a beautiful future for my son and I

I promise to have my own brand one day

To be the best I can be

To lose my body index





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